*June 12-16, 2023 at Wylie High School in Wylie ISD
Times: 8:15am - 12:15pm
Earlybird Registration: June-December 2022
Cost: $299.00 for the week
Registration closes on June 5, 2023!



Our Mission

The Cor Dallas Horn Camp is packed with musical creativity, horn education, and new experiences! Our unique programs promote the development of self-esteem, independence, and responsibility for campers, while encouraging campers to stretch and grow musically.


Located in the DFW Metroplex of Texas, the Cor Dallas Horn Quartet was founded in 2019 to perform at local venues. The first Cor Dallas Horn Camp was in July 2020. Cor Dallas Horn Camp engages campers in a meaningful musical experience locally, but, away from home for the mornings.

Horn Camp offers a wide variety of programs and activities, with top-of-the-line facilities and qualified staff who are committed to the enjoyment and safety of all campers. You’re invited to find out for yourself why so many campers are interested in the Cor Dallas Horn Camp each year!



Exciting  & New Musical Experiences!

Campers will be placed into smaller ensembles for deeper instruction and team building. They will also participate in a mass horn choir ensemble. Ensembles allow campers to meet other horn players, and be coached by a different teacher than to whom they are accustomed; to learn in a different way. There is value in campers playing with unfamiliar instructors and campers.

Personalized Instruction

Learning from instructors with whom they have not previously studied under, campers come to discover new ways to improve technique and musicality.

One on One Instruction will emphasize embouchure building, high register exercises & ideas, to lip trills, as well as simply creating a beautiful horn sound. Campers will learn the history of the horn, more about equipment, and the "why" behind these items 'characteristics!


Uniqueness - Learning materials that help campers become better horn players!

Each day Horn Camp begins with a surprise topic - that is often a difficult topic to master! Possibilities include: the elements of forming an ensemble, the importance of warming up, pro tips for specific warmups, and respect for one another as musicians.

Heading 2

Cor Dallas Horn Camp opens doors for horn players to grow and achieve success that may have seemed elusive. Horn Camp specifically aims

to encourage students to experience and see growth in one week of camp, while learning skills to keep sharp during the summer months when students typically get off track for practice routines.


Cor Dallas Horn Camp is staffed by experienced horn players & teachers. They bring wisdom to the Camp learned and lived during their own journeys to becoming the best horn player they can be. As an added bonus Cor Dallas Horn Camp will bring in Guest teachers recognized nationally as leaders in the horn education world.

"No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it." – H.E. Luccock



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